Mortgage Vault Podcast

Mortgage Vault podcast is for mortgage industry professionals who want to stay on top of the mortgage market trends. Every week you will hear from senior leaders at some of the largest mortgage lenders & servicers on how to stay ahead of the curve.


Episode 21

What really matters to lenders & servicers, when it comes to technology: in conversation with Lisa Springer, CEO at STRATMOR Group

In this episode, Lisa Springer - CEO of STARTMOR Group, talks about the state of technology adoption in the mortgage industry - functions where adoption is either leading or lagging amongst lenders & servicers.
Episode 20

CX, automation led efficiency & other toolkits for lenders to improve market preparedness: in conversation with Jamie Cavanaugh, COO at Amerifund Home Loans

Jamie Cavanaugh, COO at Amerifund Home Loans, talks about how mortgage lenders can better prepare themselves to face market uncertainties and margin compression.
Episode 19

How present macro-economic conditions will impact secondary markets: in depth conversation with Shawn Ansley, Managing Director, Vice Capital

In this episode, Shawn shares his perspectives on how secondary markets are expected to perform in the current market conditions.
Episode 18

How to deploy a technology stack for a better, faster & cheaper lending experience: In conversation with Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG

In this episode, Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG, talks about how technology can be used to improve the lending experience for two major borrower demographics - racial minorities and millennials.
Episode 17

In conversation with Eddy Perez, CEO at EPM: On all things - leadership, racial equity in lending and surviving the pricing war.

Eddy Perez, CEO of EPM, shares his insights on effective leadership, improving racial equity in home ownership & dealing with the risk of pricing war in current market conditions.