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Reduce loan production & income analysis costs with automation

Vaultedge helps lenders, servicers, and investors automate mortgage loan processing with a 60% cost reduction and 99+% accuracy

We are on a mission to automate underwriting and due diligence for mortgages, and beyond.

Vaultedge reduces the cost of

The budget-friendly mortgage automation & income analyzer software helps lenders, servicers, and investors automate mortgage loan processing with a 60% cost reduction.

Used by the leading
Mortgage companies


Process & Review Mortgage Documents 5x times faster

Vaultedge automation software automatically reads through your loan documents, identifies, indexes analyzes W2 & self-employed incomes, and flags the exceptions for the underwriter to correct them within a short period.

Increase savings by 60%

With its human-in-the-loop process, Vaultedge software is ideal for mortgage loan processing & income analysis because it automates 90% of the manual work, and increases savings by 60%.

A 360-degree view

Vaultedge software reads through data from both structured and unstructured sources and leaves behind an audit trail. The user can get a 360° view of the documents to correct any discrepancy.

Boost your pull-through rate

Vaultedge Income Analyzer assesses complex self-employed and W2 borrowers’ income data easily. VIA is compliant with Fannie Mae Form 1084 and Freddie Mac Form 91 quickly thereby increasing the pull-through rate by 33%.

Reduce risk factors

With reduced human intervention, the document indexing, identification, & income analysis is done automatically using advanced AI and algorithms. This cuts down the risk of human errors by 90% and saves the business time and money.

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation

VMA is an AI-based OCR software that helps mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors to board and close loans 5X faster.

Uses AI to automatically identify 500+ documents in a loan file.
Extracts data from standard/structured & non-standard/unstructured documents.
Offers a confidence rating feature to handle exceptions.
Integrates with Encompass, BlackKnight, FICS, or any other LOS.
Gets configured in two weeks and requires zero user training.

Vaultedge Income Analyzer

VIA helps mortgage underwriters to assess income data for self-employed and W2 borrowers with 99+% accuracy.

Shares a pre-filled income analysis file once the loan documents are uploaded.
Provides due-diligence checks with minimal human intervention.
Identifies missing documents from the loan package.
Shows an audit trail to locate the source of truth.
Needs zero training for use.

AUS for Non QM Loans

Vaultedge AUS for Non-QM loans provides end-to-end decision-making on how best to qualify a borrower under different non-QM loan programs for mortgage lenders and investors.

Understands underwriting guidelines from multiple non-QM investors.
Enables 1 underwriter touch per loan file for more than 80% of the loans.
Extracts & analyzes income data to recommend eligible non-QM products.
Configures underwriting guidelines from multiple investors to qualify non-QM borrowers.
Configured & implemented within 14 days for use.

We work with every channel

Vaultedge products are designed to benefit mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, and whole loan traders by cutting down on costs by 80%. Our products provide accurate & seamless loan processing from boarding to close with a Day 1 certainty-like efficiency for all loans.

Vaultedge for Mortgage Servicer

Board servicing portfolio effortlessly at scale.

Vaultedge automatically indexes documents, extracts data and compares it with source data - so that you board loans efficiently at scale.

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Vaultedge for Mortgage Lenders

Vaultedge for Mortgage Lenders

Vaultedge automatically indexes documents, extracts data and compares it with source data - so that you board loans efficiently at scale.

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Vaultedge for Whole Loan Trader

Mortgage portfolio trading made frictionless.

Vaultedge Automation makes loan package due diligence effortless & accurate. Trade mortgage portfolios without buy back risks.

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Vaultedge for Loan Boarding

Make the switch to effortless loan boarding

Automate your loan boarding process with remarkable accuracy at unprecedented speed with Vaultedge’s proprietary AI that assembles error-free to help make reliable business decisions.

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Our Numbers Don’t Lie

Vaultedge products guarantee to make mortgage loan production & boarding quicker, cheaper, and definitely better.

Reduction in manual effort
Faster document processing
Improvement in cost to close
Accuracy which can go up further with usage

What clients say about us

" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
picture of Michael Kittyle CIO, BSI financial services

Michael Kittyle

CIO, BSI Financial Services

" Vaultedge automatically indexes our Mortgage documents and extracts 300 data fields from them, enabling us to save 80% of Post Close Audit process time. Vaultedge is helping us improve our Time to Close and Cost to Close metrics."
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SVP, Record Services

Top Mortgage Servicer

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