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Case Study

How a top mortgage servicer reduced loan boarding cycle time by 50% with Vaultedge

This case study explores how a top mortgage servicer automated document collection, indexing and data validation with Vaultedge to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduced end to end turnaround time for loan boarding by 50%.

  • Achieved scalability in operations without compromising accuracy.

  • Increased the number of loans boarded per person per month by 4 times.

Mortgage Servicer Case Study : Automating document indexing & data extraction to board bulk loans efficiently

Explore how BSI Financial Services - a leading mortgage servicer was able to board 1000+ loans everyday by automating document sorting, file review and data validation using Vaultedge.

Boarded 2000+ loans per day

Vaultedge’s automated document indexing engine helped the servicing company ingest 1 million pages per day. At this rate, it was able to board 2000+ loans daily.

Automated file review with 99+% accuracy

AI based data validation & error handling feature helped automate mortgage document review with an accuracy of 99+%.

Built to scale: Automated 270+ document types per loan file

With an ability to automate data validation across 2000+ data fields, the servicing company was able to process 270+ document types while reducing manual review by 85%.

Download Case Study

How a top mortgage servicer reduced loan boarding cycle time by 50% with Vaultedge

This 10+ page case study explains how Vaultedge Mortgage Automation (VMA) helped a leading servicer automate the entire loan boarding operation including - loan file set up, data review and comparing documents to tape. 

Result - The servicing company not only shortened their cycle time by 50% but also freed up 70% head-count to be re-deployed from loan boarding to loss mitigation operation.

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