Document automation for Encompass - shorten loan processing time by 50%

Explore how Vaultedge automation works with Encompass to process mortgage documents 50% faster and deliver underwrite ready loan files.
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Explore Vaultedge: Process loans 3x faster with Encompass

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Explore how Vaultedge can:

  • Integrate with Encompass to index loan documents; extract structured & unstructured data from borrower documents.
  • Identify key exceptions (missing pages, data discrepancies etc.) in minutes. Cross validate data directly with source.
  • Automatically writes verified document & data to Encompass LOS - ready for underwriting.

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Simplify loan processing experience on Encompass

Vaultedge AI OCR is purpose built for Encompass users. Automatically index loan documents, cross validate data across documents & sources. Get underwrite ready loan files within Encompass - at least 50% faster.

Get loan documents & data automatically indexed and validated within Encompass

Vaultedge integrates seamlessly with Encompass to - index raw loan documents, extract & validate borrower data across sources. Identify key exceptions in minutes.

Vaultedge AI OCR engine extracts & validates data with 99+% accuracy

High performance AI OCR engine accurately reads borrower documents & data as a human loan processor would. Get up to 95% straight through processing.

Process loan documents up to 3x-5x faster. Gain a big lift in throughput volume.

Eliminate manual review of loan files and generate conditions automatically. Cut down 60%-80% of process time - do more loans with less effort.

Explore Vaultedge document automation for Encompass