Vaultedge - Better alternative to Loanlogics

Automate document processing not just for mortgage quality assurance but also for loan processing & MSR boarding.



What is Loanlogics?

Loanlogics provides document processing services and software for mortgage quality assurance. It is a good option only if you are looking for an outsourcing service provider that uses a hybrid of automation and human in the loop for document processing.

What is the difference between Vaultedge & Loanlogics?

Loanlogics specializes in streamlining loan quality audit & due diligence reviews. While you can buy the software alone, typically it is bundled with processing services.

Whereas, Vaultedge is a pure-play AI powered automated document recognition & data extraction software.
Vaultedge is purpose built to automate document processing not just for loan quality audit but also for loan processing and loan boarding.

With Vaultedge you can keep document processing inhouse.

How accurate is Loanlogics?

With LoanLogics you can receive upto 95% accuracy for many critical documents and data elements.

On the other hand, Vaultedge provides an out of the box accuracy of 95% - which can go up to 99% with continuous user feedback. This is made possible because Vaultedge uses artificial intelligence that learns from users’ actions & improves accuracy with continued use.

How fast can you implement Loanlogics in production?

Typical Loanlogics implementation last several months. However, the manual processing services can be deployed sooner.

Whereas, Vaultedge can be configured and used in production in days.

How is the ease of use with Loanlogics?

Loanlogics has a UI and workflows built for the mortgage industry, though it takes some time to learn the system.
However, Vaultedge offers a simpler interface - that lets users get started without undergoing extensive training sessions.

What is the range of documents that can be automatically processed using Loanlogics?

LoanLogics ADR classifies 480+ document types.
With Vaultedge Mortgage Automation you can automatically index & classify 500+ document types.

Does Loanlogics offer customizability & seamless integration?

LoanLogics has no known integration with standard LOS tools.
Whereas Vaultedge offers out of the box integration with EllieMae Encompass, Blackknight Empower, Wipro NetOxygen, Blackknight MSP etc.

How much does Loanlogics cost?

Loanlogics charges one time upfront cost of $40,000 & usage cost of $ 25 per loan file processed. However there is a minimum commitment volumes and no free trial.

Vaultedge charges one time set up fee of $15,000 & usage cost of $15 per loan file processed. Vaultedge does not require you to have any minimum commitment and offers a free trial.

Schedule a call - to understand which is a better option for you.