Mortgage Vault Podcast

Mortgage Vault podcast is for mortgage industry professionals who want to stay on top of the mortgage market trends. Every week you will hear from senior leaders at some of the largest mortgage lenders & servicers on how to stay ahead of the curve.


Episode 11

How to build a winning culture at your company: An exclusive interview with David Lykken, CEO at Transformational Mortgage Solutions

In this episode we hosted David Lykken, founder of 'Lykken on Lending' podcast & CEO of Transformational Mortgage Solutions. David talks about the science of building a high performing culture in an organization.
Episode 10

CEO perspective on customer excellence - "Treat every loan file as a person's financial autobiography": In conversation with James Nader, CEO at McLean Mortgage

In this episode, James Nader, CEO & President of McLean Mortgage talks about striking a balance between automation and human led process to achieve excellence in customer experience.
Episode 9

How a focus on millennial homeowners can drive sustained growth for mortgage lenders: In conversation with Dan Holtz, CEO at Sovereign Lending Group

In this episode Dan Holtz, CEO of Sovereign Lending Group examines homeownership trends amongst millennial borrowers and what lenders can do to serve them better.
Episode 8

How a focus on culture, customer experience & process can drive 10x growth: In conversation with Rich Weidel, CEO at Princeton Mortgage

Rich Weidel, CEO of Princeton Mortgage, talks about how a focus on culture & customer experience helped them become one of the fastest growing lenders in 2020
Episode 7

How the Mortgage collaborative brings 'Power of Network' to mortgage lenders : In conversation with Rich Swerbinsky, COO at The Mortgage Collaborative

Rich Swerbinsky, COO at The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC) talks about how TMC fund intends to invest in fintech companies to expedite technology adoption in mortgage lending space.
Episode 6

Can VA lending be the next big thing in mortgage markets: In conversation with Michael Oursler, COO at NewDay USA

Michael Oursler, COO of NewDay USA talks about opportunities & challenges around VA lending.
Episode 5

How will interest rates shape mortgage originations in 2021 : In conversation with Steven Plaisance, Mortgage Banking President at Gateway First Bank

Steven Plaisance, President of Mortgage Banking at Gateway First Bank shares his views on mortgage rates might impact loan originations in second half of 2021
Episode 4

How technology became key to operational excellence during COVID-19: In conversation with Bryan Budd, Senior VP at Mr.Cooper

In this episode Bryan Budd talks about how Mr.Cooper scaled their loan handling capacity 10x while transitioning 9000+ employees to work from home setting during a COVID year.
Episode 3

State of technology adoption in mortgage industry: In depth conversation with Matthew Lehnen, CTO at Deephaven Mortgage

In this episode Matt Lehnen, CTO at Deephaven talks about what's holding back end to end digitization in mortgage lending.
Episode 2

Can digital closures be a reality for the mortgage industry in 2021: In conversation with Mike Lyon, EVP at NexsysTech

In this episode Mike Lyon, EVP of Nexsystech (part of Rock Group) talks about the future of digital closures in the mortgage industry.