Episode 3
Matt Lehnen, CTO of Deephaven Mortgage
March 24, 2021

State of technology adoption in mortgage industry: In depth conversation with Matthew Lehnen, CTO at Deephaven Mortgage

Episode Details

Are we close to universal adoption of technology in the mortgage industry ?

In this episode, Matthew Lehnen cross examines this question based on his experience of leading technology infrastructure with one of the largest non-QM lenders in the country.

Matt is currently the CTO at Deephaven - a premier provider of private-capital liquidity for Non-QM residential mortgage loans & with a mission to rebuild the non-government mortgage markets.

In this episode, Matt candidly shares:

  • How he started his journey in the mortgage industry ?
  • How he has overseen deployment of a robust technology stack to mitigate risks in non-QM lending ?
  • What's holding back universal adoption of technology in mortgage industry ?
  • Which areas in mortgage industry are ripe for technology disruption ?

This episode is hosted by Vaultedge.
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