Download Vaultedge AI OCR brochure: Best intelligent document processing software for mortgage industry

Download Vaultedge brochure: best intelligent automation for document collection, document indexing and data extraction for loan originators, loan servicers and investors

Vaultedge helps lenders, servicers & investors transform mortgage document processing workflow - to deliver faster turnaround with 60+% cost savings compared to other AI OCR software.

Explore how Vaultedge AI and machine learning automates document indexing, data validation and error handling to process mortgage documents 5x faster with 99+% accuracy.

Vaultedge AI OCR: Better ROI for lenders, servicers & investors

Vaultedge AI OCR software automatically indexes loan documents, validates data, flags errors and writes data to your LOS & servicing systems. Save up to 80% of time & cost in Loan Processing, Post Close QC and servicing portfolio onboarding.

While there are many general-purpose document processing and OCR software, here is why Vaultedge is the best intelligent document processing automation solution for mortgage industry:

Intelligent Document Automation Solution : Purpose Built for Mortgage Industry

Mortgage Lenders

Reduce time to close by 14 days.
Loan processors can avoid hours of manual document sorting & identify missing pages in seconds.

Mortgage Servicers

Board Loans 5x faster with 99% accuracy.
Loan servicing teams can streamline bulk loan boarding by automating manual file review and set-up.

Whole Loan Traders

Mortgage portfolio trading made effortless.
Streamline your purchase review process and loan portfolio QC with automated document indexing and data validation.

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