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Event Report

MBA’s Secondary & Capital Markets Conference & Expo: Top Six Sessions to Watch Out For

Murali Tirupati
May 12, 2022
5 min read

MBA’s Secondary and Capital Markets Conference & Expo is a must-attend industry event. With a promise of the current market outlook and policy updates, a look at the latest products and services in the expo hall, together with an opportunity to connect and learn from industry peers, and leaders that can foster your personal and professional growth.

This year’s conference and expo will bring in market leaders, government agency leaders, and industry stalwarts for four days of interaction, learning, nurturing relationships, and deal-making. There is a range of sessions that one can attend to understand the current trends in the secondary and capital markets.

We at Vaultedge, have created a list of sessions that we think shouldn’t be missed.

Breakout Sessions:

Why Climate Change is a Risk Your Company Needs to Identify, Quantify, and Manage

Climate change poses severe risks for various industries, and everyone needs to understand it to take appropriate steps to manage those. Managing those steps, however, represents a significant challenge as climate change risk assessment is itself a complex, dynamic, and geographically diverse process. When it comes to this recurring theme, however, it seems that few in the industry have been able to convey the key risks – let alone how to suitably mitigate them. This session is aimed at helping you identify how climate change can affect your bottom line and – more importantly – provide discernment into what needs to be done to manage risks today and in the future.

Government Lending Update

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Rural Housing Service (RHS) have played a significant role in subsidizing housing constructions and providing homeownership and rental assistance for low-income households since their emancipation. The FHA, VA, and RHS housing programs continue to serve as vital channels for underserved communities, first-time borrowers, and veterans to access mortgage credit. In this session, the representatives from these agencies share the recent developments and their outlook on future policies and activities.

The MSR Market: Buy, Hold, or Sell?

Thomas Piercy President - National Enterprise Sales, Incenter, LLC
Thomas Piercy | President - National Enterprise Sales, Incenter, LLC

With the rising mortgage rates, forbearance volumes dwindling, and the Feds taking a step back from their accommodative policies, where does that lead to the mortgage servicing rights? The market condition is such that MSR is in the limelight for industry executives, and a well-thought MSR strategy is the need of the hour. Thomas Piercy, President - National Enterprise Sales, Incenter, LLC is one of the speakers and will provide a comprehensive insight into who’s active in the market, liquidity trends, best practices for retaining versus selling, and ensuring that the counter-parties understand your overall MSR strategy  while evaluating your finances.

General Sessions:

A Conversation with CFPB’s Director Chopra

Rohit Chopra, Director, Consumer  Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Rohit Chopra | Director -
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Rohit Chopra is the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB is a unit of the Federal Reserve System responsible for protecting families and honest businesses from illegal practices by financial institutions and ensuring that markets for consumer financial products and services are fair, transparent, and competitive. Chopra will be speaking for the first time at an MBA conference since his Senate confirmation in the fall of 2021.

Partnering with the GSEs

Senior leaders from the leading GSEs,  Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac will share their experiences and best practices regarding the hard-pressed issues that have been troubling the market and the companies including the post-pandemic trends that can shape the industry, new products and policies, and the GSEs’ roles in tackling affordable housing challenges. 

Market Outlook

Morgan Stanley’s Managing Director and Chief Global Economist, Seth Carpenter along with MBA’s Chief Economist Michael Fratantoni, lead this session that will discuss the current economic state of affairs and the impact on the housing and mortgage industry. The viewpoints shared by these experts will highlight the critical trends that are crucial to the industry.

The event experience is designed for single-family real estate finance professionals in the secondary and capital markets space including secondary marketing Leaders, SVPs, EVPs and Managing Directors of Capital Markets, CFOs, Mortgage Presidents, Trade Desk professionals, Sales professionals, Correspondent/Warehouse Lending professionals; government agency personnel, and policy advisors.


Vaultedge has been participating in almost all the events that MBA has organized. In the recently conducted MBA Tech 2022, Las Vegas, we had the opportunity of showcasing our latest product, Vaultedge Income Analyzer (VIA) on the big stage. VIA calculates income for W2 and self-employed borrowers and is GSE compliant. 

MBA has been pivotal in uniting the interests of diverse stakeholders, from Main Street to Wall Street, covering all aspects of real estate finance, including commercial, multifamily, and residential. We look forward to meeting the industry giants at the biggest conference for secondary and capital markets next week. See you there!

Murali Tirupati
CEO and Co-Founder, Vaultedge